Commending the new age disruptions in green energy arena

The two main disruptions in Energy space are happening worldwide and more so in India . They are in the space of Distributed PV generation (Solar) and in Storage Technologies. In my view the target of 2022 is not so significant but to reach to 100 GW is more important , give and take few years here and there !

Energy storage seems to be the solution for integrating various renewable power generation sources since the current infrastructure available in India may not be sufficient to support ambitious target of renewable capacity of 175 GW in coming years. New bids are invited for solar PV projects with battery energy storage systems. Going forward, the large scale energy storage is expected to become the norm .


Presently government is focused more on growing Rooftop Solar, ..according to me even the Off Grid and Grid connected solar will grow fast as there are good opportunities as well as challenges. We need a more matured energy market where everything needs to be connected. Both off grid & Grid connected Solar are sure to grow in this sector. The solution could be Net-metering, FIT or something else. The answers will evolve with time….

Let us trust that soon we see integration of grid edge technologies for the benefit of the entire society. By increasing the efficiency of the overall system, optimizing capital allocation and creating new services for customers, grid edge technologies can unlock significant economic value for the industry, customers and society.

Transition towards this new electricity system will need us to address a few challenges. First, since electricity is still largely perceived only as a commodity, making engagement in new technologies is a costly and difficult endeavor. Second, the current regulatory paradigm hinders distributed resources from providing their full value to the system. Third, uncertainty around ever changing government rules and policies prevents key stakeholders from deploying enabling infrastructure that could make the grid as the backbone of the future electricity system. Finally, is to overcome some segments resistance towards a different allocation of roles and new business models.

There is still an increased hype in the green energy sector with a hope that government does well to shore up expectations in renewable energy and bring it back on course and reach the highest potential. The government through many proactive policy initiatives, should try and make sure that investments in this sector will be protected and encouraged. The wholesale solar power prices have reached record low in the country . This tumbling price of solar energy increases the likelihood that we will be able to meet our renewable energy targets as it will to develop the economy and lift hundreds of millions of citizens out of poverty.

I definitely vote for a reliable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable electricity system that will form the backbone of a growing young dynamic India.


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