Creation of Green Culture at Soham

Our Ultimate Big Picture Vision is that all the one billion people existing here on planet earth should get clean affordable power hence we at Soham are doing our bit. About Us: Soham as a green power company was established with the idea of providing clean sustainable energy. We do only Renewables hence we hold Good Renewables Understanding. Today’s burning issues such as global warming, pollution, energy shortage and rising oil prices, has only validated our belief in the goodness of renewable form of energies.

Creation of Green Culture at SohamCreation of Green Culture at Soham: As green issues have risen to the forefront, Soham’s culture reflects strong green ethics. We are very proud that,

  • We hold a deep close symbiotic co-existence with nature.
  • We let out all the water after generating green power back to nature
  • We offer green power at an affordable attractive rate
  • We help companies buying power from us to reduce their energy bills
  • We therefore help making their business more profitable
  • We also help in reducing their carbon footprint.
  • We help in spreading green culture by persuading the customers to buy green energy over coal based power.
  • We help companies making the Green Shift to reach a higher level of accountability.
  • We have layered green thinking onto our existing corporate values.
  • We have a forward-thinking natural friendly approach to sustainability.
  • We do not create pollutants while generating power(smoke, effluence etc.).
  • We conserve natural resources (we plant tree saplings year on year).
  • We do not exploit natural resources like the coal based power do.
  • We do not destroy forests or reduce the green cover.
  • We do not displace people from their dwellings.


Ensuring stakeholder profitability: So far Soham have earned 800 million units of green energy and demonstrated over 500 million rupee savings for their clients. Soham group has saved emission of 8.31lakh metric ton of carbon till date. Our last year power generation Apr16-Mar17 potentially light up 17 lakh rural homes. We are green Pioneers with First mover advantage: Soham has been a pioneer since 2008 making it among the most experienced in this sector. We were the first ones to introduce, sell captive green power . Soham specializes in its B2B sales strategy having sol 17 Million Units per month to select Blue blue chip customers. Our B2B sales strategy has been in place since 2008 making us among the most experienced in this.


Project Achievement: Till date we have commissioned and operate 4 small hydro power Projects, and one more Under Construction and 2 in development stages, totaling to 104 MW. Our plants together produce about 150 MU of green power per annum. There is a plan to go into Solar energy soon. World standard: Our 4 project sites are stringently following energy efficiency standards. We follow and adhere to the World Banks stringent Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) norms. We hold highest level of Corporate Governance with E&Y as our Statutory Auditor and KPMG as our Internal Auditor.


SOHAM FOUNDATION: An active stakeholder in our Ecosystem, Soham Foundation has touched the lives of 15000 youth since 2004. Our 8 CSR programs works towards revitalizing the local economy, eliminating carbon emissions, restoring local flora & fauna and local forestry thereby creating a sustainable base for local communities near our project sites as our main motto is Every child deserves a future’.


Soham foundation was born in 2004 with a vision “Every Child deserves a future” .We have impacted hundreds of boys and girls in the rural area, what started with 25 students is now touching lives of 14000 students. Our 8 programs starts with 1.Soham Vidya Vahana arranges transportation for 120 children from remote villages to schools thus controlling school dropouts. 2. Soham Vidya Ganaka program has equipped over 50 rural schools benefitting 10,000 children with computers and software. 3.Soham Vidya Vikas focuses aims at improving the quality of learning by giving educational aids.4. Soham Jyothi supplies solar lights to remote rural hamlets which do not have electricity .5. Soham Sahayog is about working with villagers to develop civic amenities such as tarred roads .  6. Soham Kalpa Vriksha is program of afforestation. We  plant  tree saplings and continuously monitor their growth. Under this program we have done project beautification , landscaping, greenification , filling areas after constructionwith plants and trees .7.Soham Aahaar provides mid-day meal to over 250 school students.8. Soham Vidya Bala Suraksha reaches over 14100 students.we provide healthcare services and most importantly insurance coverage for parents, in the event of death the coverage takes care of child’s education. Our CSR aim is to enable rural children realize their full potential and transform into a happy, healthy and confident student.



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