Saluting the father of modern smart battery John Goodenough on his new invention @ 94

At 94, the father of modern battery science John Goodenough has accomplished more than most. Working at Oxford in 1980, he and his colleagues invented the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the bedrock of most of today’s all electronic devices.

Lithium batteries as you are aware has a long list of real-world applications beyond running the apps on your smart phone. From life-saving medical equipment to luxury yachts, the other uses include Emergency Power Backup Or UPS , Electric Vehicle Power , Solar Power Storage , Surveillance Systems In Remote Locations ..etc


For this accomplishment, he has been given more awards and distinctions than any one person could hope to receive. But Goodenough was not the one to rest on his laurels. More than 30 years later, and now at 94 he has outdone himself with invention of new battery boasts triple the energy storage of standard batteries, along with a much higher longevity. As an added bonus, the battery doesn’t explode like lithium-ion batteries can. The new design uses a glass electrode instead of a liquid one, sodium instead of lithium, and may have three times as much energy density as lithium-ion batteries.

The fact that these batteries don’t get as hot, charge faster and are cheaper than lithium, are real pluses as well. But don’t start thinking of this new battery in terms of renewable energy. The issues of electric storage between transportation or hand-held devices and utility-scale electricity storage systems are very, very different. Additionally, these solid-glass electrolytes can operate at -20°C (-4°F), so this type of battery allows a car to work in subzero degree weather

This is particularly important in light of increased rooftop solar, as described by Google this week for rooftop solar across the United States. California is expanding solar so much that most industry experts are worried about the effects on the grid in California and surrounding states.

But a combination of Goodenough’s new battery design and systems like V-flow batteries offer the diverse technologies we need to take advantage of as much energy innovation as possible as we move into a future powered by more and more energy for more and more people.

So as new battery technologies get more & more advances and better , does that make electricity cheaper?  NOPE …however there always HOPE!

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